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Cloud Adoption. IoT Devices. Managed Cloud Operations. Cost Optimization. AWS Certifications.Organizations across a variety of industries employ artificial intelligence AI and machine learning ML to bring predictive powers to their businesses.

Our featured AWS Machine Learning Competency Partners deliver offerings such as consulting services, support on delivering specific aspects for your projects, and even niche ML tools that enable customers to augment and scale. Watch the on-demand webinars and discover how these technologies are essential for digital transformations. ShopRunner ingests product, logistic, and behavioral data from more than retailers to provide highly personalized recommendations.

StoryFit delivers AI insights for the book publishing, movie, and television production industries. Nauto's intelligent driver safety system help prevent collisions with real-time coaching. Enabled by Qubole and Amazon SageMaker, learn how Nauto automates processes and continuously trains, validates, and tests ML models faster than ever. Build innovative machine learning applications. Watch On-Demand.

Interested in learning more about AWS and our partner offerings? Check out our full library of on-demand webinars and register for upcoming webinars. Watch Now.More than 90 percent of Fortune companies utilize APN Partner solutions and services to drive their business outcomes. We are focused on building long-term sustainable businesses by helping APN Partners build, market, and sell their offerings, and grow a successful cloud-based business.

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AWS approaches how we partner differently. We lead with the customer first, and design our strategies to enable APN Partners to deliver high-quality AWS solutions and services to joint customers. The APN makes it easy for partners to find relevant business, technical, and customizable marketing resources to help build a healthy, sustainable, and profitable business.

Registering with the APN is the first step of your journey. We engage on a deeper level with higher-tier APN Partners who invest significantly in their AWS practice and possess extensive experience building and deploying customer solutions on AWS. Every APN Partner has a different journey and path to success. Define your journey as an APN Partner with programs that align with your capabilities and support your business growth to deliver memorable customer experiences.

This path will empower your organization to build on your core strengths and deploy innovative solutions on behalf of AWS customers.

aws partner network

Progressing through the APN tiers provides greater access to benefits that will help you build, market, and sell your solutions, regardless of workload, vertical, or solution area. Join at no cost, and then choose how to advance your journey with AWS. APN Consulting Partners are professional services firms that help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. By Kenneth Walsh, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS Programmable infrastructures allow you to manage on-premises and cloud resources through code instead of with the management platforms and Read moreā€¦.

Partner Solutions Architect at AWS More than ever, cloud adoption and application modernization projects run with tight deadlines. Provide well-architected solutions for AWS customers.

Develop and retain a strong bench of AWS trained and certified experts. Categories: APN.AWS is targeting startups in the pre-initial public offering stage with enterprise solutions ready to be deployed. AWS is seeing increasing numbers of enterprise customers migrating to its cloud and undergoing digital transformations, and those customers are looking for new innovations being developed by startups, according to Yeum. Series A and B funding rounds -- typically in the millions of dollars -- are the first stage of equity-based financing from venture capital VC and private equity firms to help earlier-stage companies continue growing following smaller, less formal seed rounds that support initial operations.

The new APN Global Startup Program will help startups gain visibility with enterprise customers to speed their sales cycles. Startups will get access to exclusive APN business, technical and marketing resources to improve their products and go-to-market strategies.

The program also will aid in co-selling opportunities with AWS and generate leads and close qualified sales opportunities with support through funding in cash or AWS credits. Free AWS Loft offerings include technical and business training, in-person access to AWS technical staff, networking events and co-working space.

Veeam Scale Computing. From our advertisers.Channel partners are teaming with Amazon Web Services with increasing frequency at a time when customers seem more willing to commit critical apps and data to the public cloud.

AWS Partner Network To Get New Program For Startups

Resellers, systems integrators, independent software vendors ISVs and even hosting companies are building products and services around AWS. Amazon's allies provide migration servicesimplementation support and security features, among other items.

Channel executives deem Amazon a solid partnernoting that the company provides ample technical and marketing assistance. Partners look to benefit from the Amazon partner network in another way: The cloud provider represents an enormous number of potential customers for their wares. In the public sector alone, AWS, in a recent financial statement, cited more than 2, educational institutions and government agencies as clients. Overall, Amazon has "hundreds of thousands" of customers in more than countries, according to its website.

aws partner network

Amazon stands to benefit from the linkups as well. In some cases, they lend a level of comfort to enterprise customers still wary of the public cloud. CTPa Boston-based cloud consulting firm, said Amazon has invested in its partner ecosystem to support enterprise clients transitioning to the cloud.

CTP, for instance, offers application development services to Amazon clients seeking to run new apps in the cloud. The company also takes a customer's existing applications and modernizes them for migration to the AWS cloud. Treadway said the objective is to rework existing applications so they become more closely aligned with a cloud-native application architecture.

Treadway said some clients are ready to deploy apps in the public cloud, but aren't ready to manage them. CTP will manage service-level agreements and help customers make their apps more efficient in the consumption of Amazon's resources. Connectria Hostinga St. Louis-based cloud computing and managed hosting company, also targets managed services.

AWS, he said, rolls out an array of innovative cloud services, but they can prove extremely complex to manage. Kirill Bensonofffounder of ComputerSupport. Software products also revolve around the Amazon cloud.

Unisys Corp. Stealth encrypts communication traveling between a customer's enterprise users and the cloud, according to Unisys. Rod Sappvice president of products and technology in Unisys' technology, consulting and integration solutions organization, said the technology is geared toward shared-infrastructure cloud environments.

Stealth lets organizations create a virtual machine in the public cloud and deploy a software agent to that virtual machine. With the agent deployed, the virtual machine and its workload become invisible to all other user communities on that public cloud, Sapp said.

Unisys' approach aims to address a reluctance among some enterprises to put sensitive data in the public cloud, Sapp noted.

Solution providers flocking to Amazon partner network with AWS products, services

Channel executives contend that AWS has continued to bolster its partner outreach since the program's debut. Treadway said the Amazon partner network support ranges from certification and training to help in sales situations. He said CTP has been working with a variety of people throughout AWS, noting that Amazon has invested heavily in its enterprise sales organization. AWS sales assistance extends to getting partners in front of potential buyers.Although thousands of consultancies and systems integrators promise to be able to support Amazon Web Services AWS projects, AWS Partner Network APN consulting partners have gone through a vetting process to demonstrate their ability to successfully deliver solutions.

Many experts believe that Amazon has done a good job of demonstrating and improving the value of the APN to meet enterprise needs and consultant providers that can demonstrate business value. The AWS Partner Network has continued to evolve with additional proficiencies and certifications such as life sciences, big datastorage, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP that help ensure subject matter expertise in various domains.

APN consulting partners are also able to leverage their insights into AWS use and billing so that enterprises end up with a well architected solution optimized for cost. Chris Bunchhead of CloudreachU. This reflects AWS' continual investment in the [APN] program, along with their general flair for continued innovation across their business.

Munjeet Singhprincipal at Booz Allen Hamiltonsaid, "In a lot of these partner networks, it is hard to tell if it is just marketing fodder and if there is something behind it. APN providers have to show how they migrated a business to solve real problems.

The focus is not just in migrating a partner over but in also transforming a business. This process required significant effort in order to quantify things that had not been captured before, Singh said.

For example, Booz Allen worked with a pharmaceutical company to completely transform the vaccine yield process. Booz Allen was able to stand up the data science architecture inside of Amazon to analyze years of lab results in a way that had not been previously possible. Other pharmaceutical companies are now able to identify not only that a particular vendor has competency, but that it can also evaluate the kinds of transformations a partner has enabled for similar types of businesses.

APN consulting partners also help guide organizations to rethink their business processes in ways an enterprise might not have expected, Singh said.

So securing a consulting partner that doesn't just migrate applications, but understands data science, is critical. Network consultants have demonstrated they can address the human side of business transformation as well as the technology.

This involves ensuring that people within government or an enterprise know how to manage the transformation. A good consulting partner can work with staff to ensure that the transformation focuses on enabling the organization to be competitive in the marketplace rather than eliminating staff, Singh said. AWS is a relatively new technology that provides freedom for an enterprise to build its infrastructure as it sees fit.

aws partner network

Because of this variability, it can be difficult for a nonexpert to tell the difference between a good AWS setup and a bad one since the devil is in the details, said Aater Suleman CEO at Flux7.If you've got a moment, please tell us what we did right so we can do more of it. Thanks for letting us know this page needs work.

We're sorry we let you down. If you've got a moment, please tell us how we can make the documentation better. Dedicated Connection: A physical Ethernet connection associated with a single customer. Customers request a hosted connection by contacting a partner in the AWS Direct Connect Partner Program, who provisions the connection.

They can also help provide colocation space within the same facility as the location. You cannot change the port speed after you create the connection request. To change the port speed, you must create and configure a new connection. If you receive a request for more information, you must respond within 7 days or the connection is deleted. If you do not have equipment in the AWS Direct Connect location, you cannot order a cross connect for yourself there. You can add a dedicated connect to a link aggregation group LAG allowing you to treat multiple connections as a single one.

For information, see Associating a connection with a LAG. After you create a connection, create a virtual interface to connect to public and private AWS resources. You must accept the hosted connection before you can use it.

aws partner network

For more information, see Accepting a hosted connection. After you accept a connection, create a virtual interface to connect to public and private AWS resources. Javascript is disabled or is unavailable in your browser. Please refer to your browser's Help pages for instructions. Dedicated connections Hosted connections. Did this page help you? Thanks for letting us know we're doing a good job!

AWS Direct Connect connections. Port speed The possible values are 1Gbps and 10Gbps. Creating a connection Viewing connection details Updating a connection Deleting connections.

Viewing connection details Updating a connection Deleting connections. Document Conventions. Creating a connection.