Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Join Group. Golden Bonnie but now to be called Springtrap. While you kept getting attacked by Phantom Balloon Boy, Springtrap got you. You thought you were going to die, but she just wanted to talk to you. You found out she knew she knew so much about you. She was sleeping on your lap. You kept hearing "Save them" and "Help Them".

He's kinda walking slow, as if he sad Purple Woman: You're right, something bad IS going to happen. That purple girl is inside of Springtrap and wants to kill you, but because she loves you. You lost her, you couldn't find her, but when you saw her behind the glass window. Springtrap: You're mine now, you can't save them. You remembered bringing a piece of cake with you to eat for no reason, but you remembered from when you were little.

Female Friend's Name : Don't know, just feel like it should. You began to eat while Springtrap was walking to you, before she could kill you, she dropped to the floor. You faced the wall behind you while arguing with "Springtrap". Springtrap: I'll kill you! Springtrap: I do, and I have no problem keeping your rotting corpse inside of me. You pulled a unlit Molotov and a lighter. You lit the Molotov and dropped it. Showing 1 - 1 of 1 comments. Springtrap ish spoopy. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 18 Jun, am.

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In the mountain ranges above the Sinnoh region lies a village in complete dedication to the god of Pokemon. This village offers the god a young female every hundred years on assumption that these girls must be replaced after their mortal lifespans. It was another year to offer a female. They must pick the most beautiful of their females. She was just matured and the perfect, purest specimen for the god to claim.

The villagers took her from her family one late evening, a bag over her head, her hands tied together. She was kicking and screaming, she didn't want to be taken from her family.

female creature x male reader lemon

The priestess laughed and pat her head. To be offered to the great Pokemon is an honor of the highest caliber! The offering whined and quieted herself. They tied the offering down in a kneeling position, keeping her legs open for the beast's descent.

They backed up and hid in their houses, the priestess blew a horn to call the great beast. Silence filled the clearing. Winds picked up as a large white beast with a golden hoop around its torso.

Chara X Reader Lemon

The beast stood tall over her and leaned down, sniffing her hair and studying her.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Undertale. Sans had always thought you were a strange human. Whether it was the fact that you came out of nowhere to save Frisk from Flowey or that you emanated a strange glow from your left eye when you fought the yellow flower. It had reminded him of his own powers, but for a human to possess such strength perplexed him. You not only possessed the power to conjure up weapons made from your soul, but you also had your own version of a Gaster Blaster.

Sans knew you were human, you just had to be. But something still didn't add up. He felt as if you were familiar to him, yet you've never been in any timelines before now. There was no information about you no matter where he looked.

Sans has even tried to ask you a few times, but you've always given the excuse that you don't remember, or gave Sans an uneasy glance before laughing it off. He knew you were hiding your past. It has been about a year since your unexpected arrival. A year since you helped Frisk free all monsters from the underground. It's been that long and Sans has yet to find out anything about you, or find enough courage to finally confess to you.

Ever since you two met, he felt warmth where his heart would be. The only problem is that you always seem to distance yourself from everyone. Although you are usually a very friendly person, sometimes it was just impossible to converse with the other monsters.

Sans never knew why, so it was always hard for him to try and confess his feelings. He was at Grillby's famous restaurant. At the moment Grillby seemed to show a look of concern, in which Sans waved off as he took another swig of the condiment. Sans had gone to the bar in hopes of drowning his stress in ketchup, but it only seemed to make him think more about the human male.

Being slightly tipsy and a little more than done for the day, Sans decided to stumble back to his shared home and sleep. His brother, Papyrus, was probably over at Undyne's at the moment. As Sans sloppily made it into the house, his intoxicated eye sockets landed on the lounging male. Said person felt a presence nearby and took a glance at the short skeleton before returning to the television.

He lazily mumbled out a hello followed by a loud yawn. Sans watched the cute pink tongue curl slightly as the other yawned, almost tempted to gently bite at it with his own teeth. You alright there? He couldn't concentrate on the flashing lights on the tv, instead Sans snuck glances at the human male beside him.Jill and I have good friends for a while. She and I first met each other at a bar and befriended each other then and there.

She later then asked me if I wanted to join the group she was working for so I kindly accepted. I've been working with Jill for a good couple of months now and we are tasked with another mission. Another ally of Jill's, a man named Parker, was supposed to be sent with Jill for this mission but he is sick so I'm being sent out with her. She and I got on a speedboat and rode our way to the destination.

Our mission is to find the a cruiser ship called the Queen Dido and clear any infected or B. S on the ship before they can get to land and spread the infection. We finally found the ship and pulled up near the giant ship.

female creature x male reader lemon

As we were getting our equipment ready before we boarded the ship, a question had popped up in my head. After Jill and I boarded the boat, we both did a final check of our gear before moving on. We then drew our pistols and entered the vast halls of the ship. We killed any zombie or B. W that tried to attack us as we maneuvered throughout the ship. All of a sudden we heard a scream that came from a female. It came from this way. We then ran towards the source of the scream but we were too late as soon as we got to the room where the scream came from a body was thrown into the window resulting in a crack in the window and having some blood splatter on the window.

We were too late. We must continue our mission. We made our way through the ship as we resumed our task of killing all infected. After killing a good amount of the Oozes and other infected that approached us. We kept killing them until we came across this one room at the end of the corridor. Jill looked inside through the viewing slot and saw someone was tied to a chair. Over here! I found a survivor. When I got into the room I noticed that it wasn't as it seems as the "survivor" was actually a mannequin.

It's a trap! Chloroform gas then began filling the room making the both of us quickly cover our nose and mouth. We were too slow to do that though as we both felt woozy before passing out. When I woke up I took a couple of minutes to look at my surroundings.

female creature x male reader lemon

I noticed that I was in a large arena like room but Jill was nowhere in sight. I'm over here!Top definition. A type of fanfiction where the reader is the protagonist. Most of the time involves romance between the reader and the other characters of the story.

The other characters are often anime charactersvocaloid or any sort of character that people are interested in. They're mostly for female readersbut some of them are for male readers, or just for both. They could be normal x readers, so they don't involve any sex, or nudity; lemon so they involve complete sex ; lime meaning that they involve light sex; fluffy so they involve incredibly cute relationship, without sex.

Just hugs, kisses or whatever you think it's cute in a relationship. They sometimes involve suicidal themes, depression, death and such. But if there is something like this. There is a really, really, really small amount of x readers where there isn't love. Just friendship. It was adorable! Yesterday my friend showed me a ' X Reader ' It was cool. I started to read a Cryaotic X Reader. I'm never gonna end it.

Oct 3 Word of the Day. Thoughts and prayers. Frenemy has a family tragedy. Usually used for lemon fics but is not limited to such. Usually involves sexual interactions between the reader and a character of the author's choice Character usually being a popular dreamboat male character.

Most of these fanfics are found on deviantart, mostly for female audiences, sometimes appealing to male audiences, either straight or gay. I recently read a story from creepypasta called " Jeff the Killer ".

It was a great storyso I asked my friend if she knew anymore Jeff stories, and she sent me a Jeff x reader fic.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! You were happy finally having a sibling, especially an older brother You expected to have a joyful, loving family.

But what if he loved you a little TOO much? Kim Taehyung was [Name]'s junior who just always happened to be where she was. At first, she brushed it off as a coincidence.

However, soon, these coincidences became one too many, and his "small talk" felt like suffocating interrogations. It was obvious in the most discreet ways. However, unbeknownst to her, Taehyung's feelings were too intense to be labelled as a mere crush. It was obsession and he was TOO in love, almost to the point where he was even willing to murder just for her to notice him.

And I want you to be mine, away from prying eyes. I'm not insane, I am in love. As your lover, only I know what's best for you. Josiah is not an attractive fellow, he's never been. He's merely a servant, but he is in love, and he will take all the means necessary in order to get the girl he adores.

Even if it means changing himself completely, physically by making a risky deal with a shady witch. No matter what, he will have her. His Lady, his Mistress. It's a very hot summer evening, to cool off you decide to make a late trip to the shop for some icecream. Without Law and Order, the most primal human emotions thrive. Lust, greed and wrath run rampant among the once great streets, and wreck havoc among the sweetest of people who now only act for their own selfish sake.

Yandere Female Samurai x Male reader (lemon)

When a simple girl reaches into the heart of a the new boy, the rest of the campers find themselves in a bloody situation. Karamatsu Matsuno. Age 25, male. Kind, quiet, shy, reserved, and You've known him since kindergarten.

He's a weak soul but has a good heart. Although after you two met, something set off inside of him. A burning fire of love and passion. Something that nobody could disrupt. But when you move back to Japan after being placed in America, how will things go? He was just sleep-deprived. He has to be! That's the only salutation for this, right?

He wouldn't hurt you, right? These are all taken from my tumblr blog, YandereDarlings.Utilisateurs Firefox : utilisez les raccourcis de recherche pour une recherche plus rapide de WordReference. Utilisateurs de Chrome : Utilisez les raccourcis de recherche pour chercher plus rapidement sur WordReference. As announced on Thursday, middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre (26-2 MMA, 20-2 UFC) has vacated his belt, and an interim titleholder Whittaker (19-4 MMA, 10-2 UFC) is now slated to fight ex-champ Rockhold (16-3 MMA, 6-2 UFC) for the vacant middleweight.

Odds have opened for the pay-per-view bout, which takes place Feb. And for more on UFC 221, check out the UFC Rumors section of the site. Inside, check out 10 reasons you need to have your eyes on the card. Brian Ortega main event.

female creature x male reader lemon

You'll be waking up a little more awesome tomorrow. Luke Rockhold title fight set for UFC 221Be 'super pissed' all you want, but Georges St-Pierre doesn't owe us anythingTwitter reacts to Georges St-Pierre vacating title, Robert Whittaker-Luke Rockhold at UFC 221UFC Fight Night 123 staff picks: Who's the runaway choice between Cub Swanson, Brian Ortega. Angela Magana announces UFC release after 0-3 octagon runJustin Gaethje weighs in on UFC 218 loss Powered by WordPress. Luke Rockhold title fight set for UFC 221 1.

[SFM RWBY] Burning Rose: Abused and Neglected Male Reader X RWBY

Kelvin Gastelum gets out in front to make his case Comments googletag. Sakara' official results (8 p. Fighters weigh in on Cub Swanson vs.

Success Thanks for signing up. Upcoming Events Dec 9 ONE Championship 66: Warriors of the World Dec 9 UFC Fight Night 123: Swanson vs. Ortega Dec 9 Bellator 190: Carvalho vs. Sakara Dec 15 Dec 15 LFA 29: Camus vs. Simon Popular Now 2. Luke Rockhold title fight set for UFC 221 December 7, 2017 UFC 2. December 9, 2017 UFC 1. Furthermore, you need to quickly calculate the potential winnings for different bets, especially if the odds are changing while the event unfolds.

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While there are different ways to write odds, they all indicate how likely one outcome is in comparison to another.