The Franchi Affinity's slim fore-end, light weight, precise symmetry and refined design allows responsiveness that only few shotguns in history can claim. The integration of form and function makes the Affinity a natural extension of the shooter. As soon as you shoulder the Affinity you instantly know it feels right and simply, when your gun handles like it is second-nature, you have the confidence to make shots that you might not have even tried before.

The Affinity comes standard with a shim kit, so you can adjust the drop and cast to suit your preferences. It is reliable, and the Inertia Driven System never needs adjusting.

It is also simple as the system has only 3 primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring, and the rotating bolt head.

franchi affinity extended safety

The Franchi Affinity has chrome lined barrels, fibre optic front sites and interchangeable chokes which delivers even more versatility and robustness in the field. With an innovative take on the Inertia Driven System, the Affinity is a slim and light auto-loader that features the best of modern technology. Shooters will appreciate the intuitive pointing and dependable action it offers. Login Login or Register Login Register.

Firearms Shotguns Franchi Franchi Affinity. Franchi Affinity. A sleek, perfectly balanced semiautomatic shotgun. Inertia Driven. Build your gun Find a dealer. Adjustable drop and cast The Affinity comes standard with a shim kit, so you can adjust the drop and cast to suit your preferences.

Versatile and dependable The Franchi Affinity has chrome lined barrels, fibre optic front sites and interchangeable chokes which delivers even more versatility and robustness in the field. Black Synthetic. Affinity Camo. Camo Max-4 Synthetic. Downloads Franchi Affinity Manual. Meet the Affinity With an innovative take on the Inertia Driven System, the Affinity is a slim and light auto-loader that features the best of modern technology.

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Would you like a barrel clamp? Update Price. Add to a new shopping list. Email this page to a friend. Please select the options above to find the Franchi magazine extension you are looking for. We have extensions that fit the following Franchi models: Franchi Variomax Franchi Affinity Franchi I Franchi Intensity These extensions allows you to increase the ammunition capacity of the shotgun by rounds.

The extension is made of tough aluminum. This allows the tube to have a large wall thickness to improve rigidity without compromising overall weight. The tube screws down on the magazine and locks the fore end in place. The extension is supplied with a magazine tube spring. Department of Commerce, and are not exportable to all countries. Briley Mfg will notify you should this regulation affect your order. Login to rate or review this product. Home Return Policy Forgot Password?

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Product Reviews Login to rate or review this product. Your cart is empty.The TV camera pretty much sees what it sees. Some days are better than others and there are usually too many witnesses.

That was a long time ago. In fact, I could hardly miss with it. Franchi has been making shotguns in Brescia, Italy, since The Affinity 3.

The Affinity 3 is a larger family. Depending on finish, stock style and gauge, the Affinity family members look quite a bit different, but all are very much the same basic shotgun with significant features in common.

However, a shim kit with four different shims is supplied. Shims go between the stock and receiver and allow modifying the height of the comb either to suit your build or change to your preferred POA.

Three interchangeable chokes and a choke wrench are provided. A full range of extended choke tubes are also available as options. The bolt release, bolt handle and loading port are oversized, allowing easier operation with gloves. The cartridge drop lever is forward of the trigger above the triggerguardbow, and is on the right side on all models.

There are less expensive semiautos — and some that are more — but this is a very good and very complete shotgun for that price range.

On firing, the shotgun moves rearward but the bolt remains stationary with the bolt head locked into the barrel extension. At the end of the recoil cycle, as chamber pressure drops, the inertia spring thrusts the bolt assembly rearward, unlocking the rotating the bolt head.

As the bolt moves rearward, the fired cartridge is extracted and ejected. The cartridge drop lever moves up allowing a cartridge to move from magazine to carrier. The rearward movement of the bolt cocks the internal hammer and compresses the recoil spring surrounding the magazine tube. With rearward movement completed, the recoil spring thrusts the bolt forward. The carrier then lifts the next shell and the bolt pushes it into the chamber. Between the inertia system, which soaks up a bit of recoil, and the excellent TSA recoil pad, Franchi claims a 50 percent recoil reduction.

However, the Affinity is amazingly manageable with heavy loads and a real pleasure to shoot with target loads. The Affinity is not perfect. The 3.Jason Harris recommends the new Franchi Affinity; a Beretta stable-mate with Benelli inspiration making for a fine entry-level semi-auto shotgun. Although not one of the names you might first think of when considering mass-market gunmakers, Franchi has had a presence in the UK market for many years.

The company was first founded in and there are few gunmakers of that age still around. Though Franchi has altered somewhat in recent years. At that time, the Franchi semi- autos were recoil operated in a similar way to the Browning A5 ; reloading by the barrel sliding back, pushing the breech-block to eject the fired cartridge and bring the new one forward.

There was also the Franchi Falconet, an alloy-actioned gun that was extremely lightweight. The inertia system was really pioneered by Benelli, which itself is now part of Beretta. Because there is no gas piston under the fore-end, it can be made slimmer. The gun also keeps clean more easily as there are no exhaust gases coming back to a piston system around the magazine tube. When the bolt goes forward its head rotates and locks into the pocket in the breech end of the barrel.

When fired, the bolt has the effect of going forward whereas the gun as a whole moves backwards under recoil. This movement causes the bolt head to rotate further as the back of it compresses a large spring housed in the bolt. A larger bolt handle makes things easier when loading and unloading, even with gloves on. For the UK, the affinity is brought in black synthetic with a 28in barrel.

There is also a comprehensive set of shims to alter the stock for comb height and cast either left or right. The bore is chrome lined. The top rib is 8mm wide and slightly raised at the breech end. It is ventilated and matted and there is a small red foresight. The metalwork is satin matt black and the finish is very good. The pistol grip is slim and both it and the fore-end have a printed chequer pattern. Stock length is mm. Included in this is a soft recoil pad that has a smooth heel for quick mounting.

The Affinity is a very practical gun. No great beauty, but a very useful tool. It will make an excellent pigeon shooting and wildfowling gun; a great all-rounder and for an Italian-made semi-auto it is very good value for money. While more expensive than some of the cheaper autos coming from Turkey, the Franchi is made in Italy and as such is slightly crisper in its finish. Home Reviews Guns Shotguns. Pros: Excellent pigeon shooting and wildfowling gun. Product: Franchi Affinity.

This product is featured in: Second-hand super semi-auto shotguns. Dimensions A larger bolt handle makes things easier when loading and unloading, even with gloves on. Verdict For an Italian-made semi-auto it is very good value for money.Add firepower to your favorite shotgun. These magazine extensions are constructed of blued solid steel and come with spring, base clamp with swivel stud included to work with quick detachable swivel not includedand a high visibility follower.

The threaded tube replaces you magazine cap and gives you the ability to add extra rounds to you magazine. Easy to follow instructions are included.

Franchi Affinity Shotgun Review

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franchi affinity extended safety

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See Details. One Time Offers have limited quantities available and usually once they are sold out, they are not offered again. Made in USA. Cartridge: 12 Gauge.

franchi affinity extended safety

Notify Me. Add to Wish List. Nordic Components' Magazine Extension Tube Assemblies allow shooters to increase the ammunition capacity of their shotgun for use in action shooting competitions such as 3 Gun, for home defense, or for hunting. Installation can be achieved in just minutes with a few hand tools, and since no permanent modifications to the host firearm are required, it can be easily converted back to its factory original configuration if desired. Nordic's shotgun tubes are precision machined from aircraft aluminum tubing for light weight and strength, while their replacement magazine tube nuts are designed to emulate the OEM magazine tube nut's general style and size for greater compatibility with different factory and aftermarket forends.

The new Modular eXtension Tube, or MXT, line incorporates several improvements to help eliminate some of the problems commonly encountered when using an extended shotgun magazine tube.

Prominent among these improvements is a barrel clamp relief groove cut into the extension tube's body. This groove stops the clamp from slipping and shifting under recoil, which can both damage a barrel's finish and change the gun's point of impact from shot-to-shot. The MXT line also features a reinforced tube end cap that better resists the damage that can be caused by heavy recoil or impacts.

MXT extension tubes come equipped with identical threads on both ends of the tube body, allowing them to be flipped around to change the location of the barrel clamp groove if needed to accommodate different barrel lengths. This complete assembly includes a MXT magazine extension tube, magazine tube nut, reinforced end cap and magazine tube spring. Manufacturer highly recommends the use of a barrel clamp Product or for stabilization on any extension tube with a capacity over 5 Rounds. To determine the maximum length of the extension tube you'll want to use on your shotgun, measure the distance from the front of the barrel lug or forearm to the end of the barrel.

All extension tube assemblies come with an oversize magazine tube spring that must be trimmed to the appropriate length for the selected tube size. With the tube installed on the gun and end cap removed, insert the magazine tube follower and spring. Due to the new threads used on MXT extension tube bodies, only the included reinforced end cap can be used.

Was the information on this page helpful? Yes No. Do you accept our terms and conditions? Need More Information?Make: Franchi Model: Affinity 3.

Power should be an asset, never a liability: the Affinity 3. Handling is also optimized thanks to the slim forend profile made possible by the recoil spring being efficiently housed around the magazine tube.

The stock is also trim and includes an internal balance weight that can be removed to customize weight-distribution.

The Affinity 3.

Bolt Handles

Also, three choke tubes are supplied with the Affinity 3. Further, shouldering and aiming the Affinity 3. Your email address will not be published. Sold out. Click to enlarge. Next product. Franchi Affinity 3. Email when stock available. Stock image may be displayed.

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